Reduce Drinking Soda to Prevent Prostate Cancer

Consumption of sugary drinks has been linked to dangerous health risk sharing such as an increased risk of stroke in women. For men, it turns out the consumption of sweet drinks can endanger the health of his prostate. The new findings stated that men who drink a glass or 11 fluid ounces of soft drinks such as soda every day had a risk of developing a form of cancer of the prostate. Prostate cancer is cancer that develops in the prostate, the gland that plays a role in the male reproductive system.

Cancer can develop when cells in the prostate mutate and growing up to be a cancerous tumor and difficult to control. Prostate cancer may cause pain in the genital area, difficulty urinating, erectile dysfunction and other symptoms. Researchers from Lund University in Sweden conducted a study of more than 8,000 men aged between 45 to 73 years. The study was conducted over a period of 15 years and the results were published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Researchers found that men whose diets high in glucose from carbohydrate foods may increase the risk of developing mild form of prostate cancer by 31 percent. However, most cases do not require treatment. While men who consume more sweetened beverages have an increased risk of developing a mild form of cancer by 38 percent. The researchers noted that in order to reduce the risk of a person needs to change his diet to reduce sugary drinks like soda, which contain high levels of sweeteners.

Previous studies have linked the intake of soft drinks or soda in high enough amounts can lead to osteoarthritis and increase the risk of stroke in women by 83 percent. Another study also found that people who drank regular soda once a day have a higher risk for prostate cancer. Further studies of how genes respond to high levels of glucose in food or sugary drinks still needs to be done. However it is clear that a diet high in sugary foods or drinks harmful for the body because it increases the risk of various diseases.

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