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Genetic Testing: Genome Sequencing of Infants

dna testingThere is little doubt that the genetic testing and sequencing of infants is an extremely innovative and valuable tool. The amount of knowledge that we can garner from this cutting-edge technology is far beyond what we have been able to do up to this point with a medical diagnosis. It reminds one of the scans on Star Trek, The Next Generation. Truly we are living in the future. But are we ready for it?

The NIH, National Institute for Health, quotes Alan E. Guttmacher, M.D., director of NICHD, as saying, “Genomic sequencing has [the] potential to diagnose a vast array of disorders and conditions at the very start of life, but the ability to decipher an individual’s genetic code rapidly also brings with it a host of clinical and ethical issues, which is why it is important that .. the trio of technical, clinical, and ethical aspects of genomics research… [is part of the research for treating newborns].” Now we just have to decide how to use this tool.

If DNA testing is used to diagnose a baby with a disease or disorder at the start of life, and the infant can be then better treated and evaluated from the start of life that would be a great advantage for all concerned. We could save lives. We could catch rare genetic conditions earlier. That is the desire of those in the genetic testing field, and the hope many have discussed is that this will become common for these reasons.

However, what if like Gattaca, a child is found with genetic testing to have a high probability of having a heart problem or other disorder or disease later in life? Should the parents be told? Should they later tell the child? Would they treat a child differently like the parents in Gattaca? It seems that many parents do tend to overreact if their child’s DNA testing results show high probabilities of genetic disorders or diseases. Rob Stein in his NPR article, “Genome Sequencing For Babies Brings Knowledge and Conflicts,” quotes bioethicist Mark Rothstein of the University of Louisville as saying these test results can sometimes lead to the so-called “vulnerable child syndrome” where a child is not allowed to have a “normal childhood” “…riding bikes and climbing trees.” Perhaps some children would not even be wanted.

However, is this a problem with the science of genetic testing? There have always been over protective parents. Sadly, there have always been unwanted children. It seems that what is needed is more education about genomic sequencing and possibly guidelines for all involved in the process, including the parents.

Five Must-Have Tools For The Bicycle Enthusiast

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Maybe you aren’t exactly a hardcore cyclist. Maybe you just have a bicycle for exercise. You enjoy tooling throughout the neighborhood or perhaps occasional trail and want the bare minimum at-home tool kit for your bike. They should do in a pinch to get you started and cover the basics, although these five tools is probably not all you need to achieve a true state of Zen with the ability of your bicycle maintenance. From a bicycle repair stand to the no-brainer floor pump for your tires, these are the five essential tools you must have.

Repair Stand

Your back will thank you and pronto when you want to change a tire or do any basic maintenance, though this may seem like overkill to a newbie.

Allen and Hex keys

In the home you want proper fitting tools, though a multi-tool is wonderful on the trail or roadside. These enables you to tackle the most common bolts on mountain bikes (Allen bolts) and the increasingly popular hex, too.

Track Pump

The portable mini-pump, just like the multi-tool, is excellent on the trail. At home nothing compares to a good floor pump. Try to find one using a metal barrel and a pressure gauge already built-in to find the best bang for your buck. The SKS Airbase Pro is a very good one and expenses about $80.


A set of good screwdrivers is non-negotiable for working on a bicycle. You may especially have to have the Phillips no if you are with limited funds. 2 size for mech (derailleur) adjustment.

Chain Tool Wear Indicator

With the prices of components getting a lot more expensive, this tool can you help save you a lot of money in the future. Even if you don’t intend to perform the chain replacement yourself, knowing when a chain needs replacing will save you major wear and tear and replacement costs on your gears. An inexpensive wear indicator is perhaps all of ten bucks, so think of it as cheap insurance.

For any good repair stand and a host of other tools at great prices, consider http://www.thelashop.com. You’ll be happy you checked them out when you see the superb experience and values the first-rate customer satisfaction.

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Want to Slim? Start from the Bed

Want to Slim-Start from the bedOne of the benefits of getting enough sleep each night is to help keep the weight off . However , sleep 8 hours does not mean you can start anytime to sleep . Sometimes sleep began at 10 pm , 2 am the next day , depending on the busyness . If you expect to get a bonus of a slim body enough sleep habits , then you need a consistent set bedtime . Similarly, according to the researchers whose study was published in the American Journal of Health Promotion .

After observing 330 women sleep patterns for a couple of weeks , especially analyzing the link between sleep patterns and body composition , it is known that women who regularly sleep patterns leaner weight . Women who watch hours of sleep and awakening also fluctuate less than an hour every day have less body fat than those who sleep patterns change with the time difference of more than 90 minutes .

But that does not mean you can be consistent within hours of sleep and waking hours of sleep but less than 5 hours . Some previous research has shown people who sleep less than 6.5 hours and more than 8 hours , have more fat percentage .

Consistency was a big influence because time is associated with physiological changes . It is also believed to be related to the stress conditions . In other words , people are inconsistent sleep patterns can be the sign that he has a busy high or are facing stress .

How to Prevent and Treat Back Pain


Feeling unpleasant sensation on the body can be very bothering. It affects the mobility. You must take a break then. For serious pain, taking a day off from the office will give you time to take a rest. The inconvenient feeling may be away the next day, but it easily comes back and get more bothering.


Are you dealing with the endless back pain? Whatever your profession is, there is always chance you feel the unpleasant sensation on your back. It must be treated immediately. At first, you may be able to use over-the-counter medicines. This solution can work sometimes. But when the non-prescription pain relievers do not work, you should take medical checkup to the doctor. The comprehensive tests can give clearer view to what is exactly going on with your back. For chronic condition, the final solution taken is probably surgical procedure. Are you ready with the consequences, especially the financial matter?


Prevention is always much better than curing. It does not only help you enjoy the activities, but also saves you a lot from the high cost medical treatments. There are many ways, fortunately, to avoid the back pain. Getting the right matters, keeping the bed in shape and maintaining the smart sleep are some tips to prevent pain on the back at bedtime. You can also do more ides to get away from unpleasant sensation when you are at work or on vehicle.

Healthier Body with Healthier Diet


Healthy eating is not just about following and holding strict nutrition philosophies, depriving ourselves of the foods we love or staying unrealistically thin. Rather, it is also about feeling great, stabilizing our mood, having more energy and keeping ourselves as healthy as possible. All of those targets can be easily achieved by learning some nutrition basics and applying them in a way that works for us.

Below are some of the key points we have to know. The key points here look simple but do not underestimate because in fact, many people failed to run hold and follow it. By holding and practicing these eating habit keys, we will be able to find a healthier body, a better mood, having more energy and successfully get thinner body.

  • Instead of being concerned overly with measuring portion sizes or counting calories, think of our diet in terms of variety, freshness and color. We have to focus on finding foods we love and simple recipes that incorporate a few fresh ingredients.
  • We have to make small steps, such as adding salad to our diet once a day or switching from butter to olive oil. When the small changes have turned to be habit, we will be able to continue by adding more choices to our diet.

We do not have to be a perfect person and we do not have completely eliminate favorite foods if just want to have a healthy diet.

More Info in Health Videos

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Internet actually may become good source of information in how you may look for anything whether service or products. Yet, you need also to recognize that internet may also provide you with quality information in how you boost your health condition. Let’s take an example from Freehealthvideos.com.

From such site you can learn about any health videos which can become good input for your knowledge and consideration about health.

There are even many other sites from where you can get the health video information. By combining those sites, you can actually improve your health quality even without spending too much time and efforts. For alternative sources, you can visit Ebizmba.com and Healthguru.com.

Healthy Fitness on Positive Ways


There are many people who have worked hard to train their bodies. They have applied the methods of daily life that aims to form their body. Unfortunately, they never achieve satisfactory results. Why did that happen? Actually, there are some important things that should be tailored to their abilities. Meanwhile, they can also transform into a more positive lifestyle and healthy style.

Well, please read important articles about Health and Fitness Tips. You will get a lot of basic guidelines regarding fitness and health so effectively and efficiently. You will never run out of time to read because it is what you need.

Practical Reflexology can overcome Sore Legs

Practical ReflexologyStuck in traffic on the way to make sure the body is very tired. In addition to the back, the other part is a pretty tortured feet, because during the trip will always be folded. If difficult to find a place to rest and stretch my legs, trying to massage your own feet to relieve the pain. Foot massage technique commonly known as reflexology can be done yourself easily. To relax the foot, just do the following steps.

1. You take off your shoes or sandals.

2. Cross one leg over the other leg. Put your ankle above the knee, so that your feet can be achieved by hand.

3. Relax your feet, then massage a moment ankles and the soles of your feet. Once your feet feel more relaxed and comfortable, begin to look for the points or the soles of the feet are sore. Reflexology can also help you to relieve fatigue in other parts of the body such as the neck, eyes, and others. Just hit certain points on the foot with your thumb for a few minutes.

4. Do not let the pressure is too strong at one point, because it will hurt yourself. Do it slowly, and enjoy the pressure to relieve fatigue. If the pressure of the thumb is less strong, just use four fingers combined to give more pressure.

5. When finding a point that feels pain in the foot, press the point while pulling a deep breath.

6. In order to maximize results, you should not randomly foot massage. Perform massaging some point in the foot with a circular sequence.

7. When finished massaging the soles of the feet, squeezing the entire sole of the foot. Then, move the ankle from the knee and replace it with the calf. Give a massage on his legs to make it more casual.

Healthy Eyes in Front of Screen

Healthy Eyes in Front of ScreenHealthy Eyes in Front of Screen. Too long staring at an electronic device in the works, either a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone can reduce eye health. Some of these tips need to be done despite the busy work.

* Adjust screen lighting gadget with appropriate levels, avoid lighting too flashy and too dark.
* Strive to run a 20/20/20 system, ie every 20 minutes or so turn your eyes for 20 seconds out of the screen as far as 20 feet (about six feet) or in the direction of green plants.
* Close your eyes a minute to moisturize and deliver water to the entire surface of the eye cornea.
* Using a computer screen filter to reduce the radiation or the use of glasses with lenses antiradiasi.
* Get used to not be in front of the screen for more than eight hours a day.
* Taking vitamin A and omega-3 fatty acids as nutrients for the eyes.

Joining Muay Thai Camps in Thailand on Summer Holiday

Do you have any plans for your summer holiday? Summer is the right time for you to explore yourself, try new things, or going abroad. You should not spend your summer holiday just sitting in front of your laptop or doing repetitive things that you do in summer. If you really want to explore yourself, try new things, and going abroad at the same time, you should try to learn muay thai in Thailand.

Muay thai, a kind of martial arts that is originated from Thailand, have been popular around the world for years. If you have never heard about muay thai, you might have heard thai boxing. Muay thai and thai boxing is the same kind of martial art. Actually, muay thai is an ancient martial art technique, but it still popular until today. For your summer holiday, you can come to Suwit Muay Thai training camps in Thailand for learning muay thai. At the first sight, you might think that muay thai is the same as boxing. Actually, there are something different in muay thai. In muay thai, you can use your feet, knees, and your elbows to fight and defend yourself.

By learning muay thai in Thailand, you can enjoy your summer holiday in a different way. You do not have to worry about the accommodation, because the training camps have provided everything that you need. Basically, the training camps will give you training package choices. You can choose packages with room and bathroom accommodation, or martial arts only, according to your budget. Joining the training camp for a month will give you instant benefits such as reducing your fat and shaping your body. Doing regular muay thai exercise will help you maintain your health and body shape. So, join muay thai training camps in Thailand this summer and get a wonderful summer holiday.